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“A ridiculously knowledgable person who can also teach - Nelly is that unicorn!”

Petra Lewis, Entrepreneur

Advising Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Acting CTO

Minimizing mistakes and maximizing efficiency is important and “getting it right” the first time takes planning, planning and more planning...then execution. My leadership will ensure that you and your company don’t make costly mistakes and that you develop the right product and strategy for the right business.


I will help you develop a Strategic Technology Plan for your company which includes, Wireframing, Prototypes and a concrete, step-by-step action plan.

Web and
Mobile application design

My expert team of designers, user experience designers, web and mobile app developers, can work with you to create a custom web or mobile application leveraging the latest technologies and 3rd party applications to achieve your goals.

Want to work together? Contact me at [email protected] or 866-935-1188.

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Get the guide to building a
tech plan for your Business

If your company uses any form of technology, from software to websites to servers to payments etc, then it should also have a technology plan. Having access to the right information in a time of crisis is essential.

In this free download, I will

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    Explain what a tech plan is.
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    Demonstrate why you must have it.
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    Share my tech plan template that you can use to create one for your business.