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WJS Award

“Woman on the IT Fast Track”

FastCompany Award

“League of Extraordinary Women”

I am on a mission to encourage success to all that I come into contact with and through my workshops, seminars, speaking engagements, and consulting I embolden them to embrace the tools and technology to help them become more successful.

is the CTO of Webgrrls International, Chapter Leader of NYC Webgrrls, and creator of TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs and Build Your Social Media Footprint bootcamps.

Nelly is a speaker and presenter for many organizations and major industries events including: Women’s Enterprise Center, NY Entrepreneurs Business Network, Small Business Summit, BlogHer, Social Media Jungle, Mom 2.0, BlogWorld, and has been featured in INC Magazine, NBC Today Show, Fast Company Magazine, NewsDay.com, O’Reilly, SmartMoney, SmallBiz, TechRepublic, Women’s Radio.

Just recently included in Fast Company’s, “League of Extraordinary Women”, Nelly has been at the forefront of the women’ s movement online since 1999 and is a Wall Street Journal’s “Woman on the IT Fast Track”. She is a technical strategist, an Internet, Social Media, and marketing expert and consultant. Nelly works with entrepreneurs and teaches them how to use and leverage technology in their business.

"Never fear what you don't know" - Nelly Yusupova

I had to adopt a “never fear what you don’t know” attitude. First, when my family fled from Tajikistan to the U.S. and I was forced to learn a new language and culture. We had very few possessions—only what we could carry—and very little money. I began working at 13. I lied about my age on the application. I had to.

In college, I decided to study computer science without knowing anything about computers. I took 18-21 credits per semester, took summer courses and worked full time. I earned my degree in three years instead of four. I had to.

I learned fast and it wasn’t easy, but I found success because in each new situation, I wasn’t intimidated by new information, new tools, new ideas. I refused to give up simply because I didn’t know something! The hardship gave me a new perspective on obstacles and risk. And both in my career and personal life, I keep raising the bar for myself. Every day, I meet talented men and women who have amazing business ideas but don't start their venture because they fear they don't know enough about “managing the tech process.” Many of those same men and women are encouraging their kids to learn, experience and expand their horizons each and every day. Shouldn’t we follow that same advice for ourselves, rather than letting fear get in the way? Perhaps we can go so far as to embrace fear and let it be the fuel for our success!